Sunday, December 25, 2016


It's Christmas!

How does your family celebrate? We always open presents from each other on Christmas Eve, then have Santa presents on Christmas morning. After that, I go into full on cleaning mode, removing all evidence that Christmas even happened other than a pile of boxes by the trashcan. I love getting the house all decorated, but love getting it squared away again even more. I get it from my momma.

I think that the kids loved everything:

They were so impressed with their pile of gifts.

After we opened presents, it was playtime! Arthur spent about 4 hours playing with his Ninjago Lego set from my parents, and Vidalia was content to watch her Frozen DVD. I knit some, ate too much coconut cream pie, and visited with my parents. Then it was time to go home, give Daddy his presents when he got home from work, and go to bed for Santa!

The old man in the red suit was very good to the kids. They deserved it all; Arthur is always my little sweetheart, and Vidalia is very good despite a definite mean streak (like when she threw a ceramic toy plate at Arthur last week, chipping his tooth). They got nearly everything on their lists, plus some.

Pop the Pig! This was a huge item on his list. He was so excited.

Arthur has been playing the short demo for Lego Jurassic World on the PS3, mastering it in no time. I don't think that he was even aware that there was a full game for it, so was super excited to find this in his Santa pile. Look at that face!

I had a few of these Puppy (and Kitty) Surprise dolls when I was a child. When I saw that they've made a comeback, I just had to get one for Vida! Her dog, Mia, had 3 girl puppies, with one being a runt!

 Another biggie that he wanted! Is there a child in the US that doesn't love Minecraft? I find the concept appealing, but just can't deal with sandbox games. I need more linear games with a goal. He and Charlie really like it though.

Checking out her LeapPad! This and Elsa stuff was really all that was on her list. She was so happy to have a purple one!

An Elsa hat for my little Elsa. This wasn't actually from Santa, but I forgot to let her open it yesterday. I made it last week using two strands of KP Stroll Glimmer (Frost and Fiji) for the hat, and KP Brava Worsted in White for the hair and snowflake.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas weekend! I'm off to finish cleaning the house (got some inlaws coming from Michigan tomorrow to spend the week) and need to pop a lasagna in the oven. Merry Christmas!

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