Sunday, December 18, 2016

Something New

Hi! I used to be a dedicated blogger over on my old blog, SpinKnit Up. I suddenly just stopped posting after my daughter, Vidalia, was born in September of 2014. 2 whole years. Life just got busy after having a second child and a lot has happened since then... We bought our first home, got our little homestead up and running, went on an awesome family vacation to Disney with my husband's father's side, and my knitting "business" (craft shows and custom orders at Christmas) has really done well.

I miss writing, though. I miss having a place that I can just write about whatever strikes my fancy, and a place that I can come to to vent, celebrate, share projects. I also miss being able to look back over my blog and remember those old posts. Most of all, however, I miss the community and the friends that my old blog found me. I know that I won't have many (any?) readers for a long time, possibly ever, but I am ok with that and will just keep on writing anyway.

So, here it is. Homestead Knoll. That's the name of our humble little homestead, so I find it fitting for my humble little blog. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, triumphs, failures, animals, kids, and, of course, yarn.

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