Friday, December 30, 2016

The Week Between

I always love the week between Christmas and New Year's. It's a great time to get "back to normal" after the holidays, to reflect on the year, and to think about the new one. It's not like a new year means anything, but it is exciting and makes the possibilities seem endless! Our week between was very busy and full of fun activities.

My FIL, SIL, and niece and nephew drove down from Michigan to spend the week. That meant lots of eating, lots of laughing children, and lots of fun! Our kids are the same age, with Mila being 6 months younger than Arthur, and Lincoln being 6 days older than Vida. Can you imagine the noise and activity in our small home!? We loved every single minute, though!

Alicia and the kids can't come down and not visit the Georgia Aquarium! We hadn't been since their visit last year, so it was great to see the dolphin show (seriously, better than anything at SeaWorld) and the new sea lion show (my absolute favorite sea creature!). The kids had so much fun, especially seeing the whale sharks, giant rays, and petting the anemones!

We've gone to the aquarium every year since we moved here in 2014. I have this exact picture taken every time... the first one has Vida still cooking in my belly!

We wanted to go to the World of Coke, one of my favorite Georgia attractions, but it closed before we were finished at the aquarium. We will just have to go another day. Charlie and I get in free because of the military thing, we just have to make the dreaded drive to Atlanta. Maybe next month we can make the trip up. After seeing all the fishes, we went down to Senoia to eat at Nic & Norman's. We really wanted to do a Walking Dead tour, but unfortunately they weren't doing them this week. The restaurant, owned by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus, is so good. It's mostly burgers, which were amazing. I highly recommend Greg's Pick with Brussels Sprouts as the side. The Philly cheese steak fries were also very good.

Thursday, Charlie, his dad, and my dad went to the range. Charlie's dad had never shot a gun in his life! I'm glad that he went since it gave them a chance to do something together that Charlie really enjoys. He and daddy go every week, so it was nice to have his dad included this time. Alicia and I took the kids up to Cleveland to the Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital.

I've wanted to take the kids for a long time, so jumped at the opportunity while Alicia was here. Mila is 4, and who knows when the next time she will be down here again... I didn't want to miss out before she got too old to find it fun. And fun it was!

It was quite the drive up there. Everything said 2 hours, which was fine, but it seemed that no matter how far we drove, the GPS always updated to say that it was still an hour away! It ended up taking us 3 hours, but it was so worth it. We got to see Mother Cabbage give birth to two baby girls, complete with an LPN (Licensed Patch Nurse) to check for 10 leaves dilation, provide TLC injections, do an easy-otomy, and make sure that baby wasn't foot-first for a branch birth. She also gave a dose of magic-cillin. Super cute!

Vidalia is the proud new mommy to Cupcakes Ana, Mila has a cute baby boy named Charlie Spencer, and the boys each came home with a new friend as well (Lincoln got a mini baby, and Arthur found the only Spiderman in the place).

There were tons of babies to be played with, lots of toys, and a bunch of beds and strollers for the kids to use. I highly recommend that anyone with kids go and visit! The exclusive dolls that are born there are only 50-70.00 each. We had an expensive week already, so Vida got a Shutterfly boxed baby (I'm definitely getting her an exclusive next time we go... newborn clothes fit them and I'm dreaming of all the cute clothes that can be knit!). It took a good half hour for her to finally settle on which baby she wanted to adopt. Then came time to name her. She really wanted to name her Hotdog, but I was able to convince her that such a pretty baby needed a cuter name. She then chose Cupcakes Cheese French Fries Hotdog (can you tell that my child loves food!?). She then shortened it to Cupcakes Ana when they told her that it can only have 2 names. Whew.

Cupcakes has been a great addition to the family! Vidalia takes her for daily walks in the stroller, tells us when she's crying and needs a paci, and also tucks her into bed beside her every night. Well worth the 6 hour round trip!

I've been going over some goals for the new year and will do that post this weekend!

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