Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bunny Show!

This weekend was the Augusta Masters of Rabbits and Cavies on the Green show in Grovetown, Georgia. It was a blast! My grandparents live in Augusta, right down the road from the show venue, so we got to stay with them for the weekend.

I showed 2 Jersey Woolies and a homebred Himalayan. Arthur took 2 Mini Lops and his cavy (guinea pig). We did well!

CCR's Perry, a ruby-eyed white senior buck, took Best of Breed in show A, and Best Opposite Sex of Breed in show C! I was so surprised by his wins. I knew he was a nice little buck, but WOW!

Hannah's Hop Hops Pine Lake, a ruby-eyed white senior doe, took Best Opposite Sex of Group in shows A and C, Best of Breed in show B! She's a gorgeous doe that I can't wait to show more over the next few months.

Arthur's cavy got good comments, and his Mini Lops did well. No big wins, but good comments in very competitive classes. It feels good when the judge says that there isn't an ugly rabbit on the table, he's just picking which is the prettiest. He likes the actual showing part, but not so much the waiting between breeds thing. He ate a lot of snacks, ha!

There was a costume contest. Of course, Sugar's Diggle, his Mini Lop buck, had to be Spiderman! Unfortunately, the judge didn't pick Diggle as the cutest, funniest, or the most original, but we had fun anyway. I personally think that he should've won something (the winners all had commercially made pet costumes; a duck, an energizer bunny, and a cowboy), but then again I am quite biased! There is another costume contest coming up in March so we will just have to try again!

My Himalayan doe, Knoll's Pink Lady, was the only Himi shown at all. They aren't very common down here, so there's usually just a few of us at most. I did get great comments on her, though! All 3 judges said that she's a great example of the breed, so at least I know that I'm going in the right direction with them.

We did come home with 3 new additions. Can't go to a show and not bring something new home! Arthur got a new little junior sow, which he named Daisy. She's an American Satin and such a cutie pie! She will be shown and eventually bred to Pete the Cat. Arthur really loves the cavies since they are so gentle and easy to handle. I have a feeling that he will eventually move away from his Mini Lops and get more focused on his cavies, which is fine by me. I'm letting his discover what he's truly interested in.

My new additions are Barron's Robbie (red) and GC Barron's Connie (castor). They are Rex, and are gorgeous. They are part of my foundation in this breed. Both have had major wins. Connie is now retired to the breeding pens and Robbie is still being shown.

Speaking of the breeding pens, I bred 6 does 2 weeks ago and I believe that all 6 are pregnant! There are 2 that I'm iffy on, but I'm leaning more yes than no. Another few days will tell, when the babies are bigger and easier felt.

Well, that was our weekend. It was full of fun, rabbits, and good friends. The next show is February 18th, so hopefully there will be more wins to report soon! Until then, we will be back to knitting news and updates :)

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  1. I seriously can't get over how big Arthur has gotten. I could swear you just had him, like, yesterday, and here he is already showing his own rabbits!