Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I haven't dyed any yarn in a long time, close to a year. I got an itch to bring out the food coloring and kool-aid the other day, and this is what come of it:

KP Stroll Bare, dyed in the crockpot with food coloring. I absolutely love how it turned out.

2 hanks of KP WotA SW Bare, crockpot with food coloring.

1 hank of the WotA SW Bare, using kool-aid and a tiny bit of food coloring.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results. I need to start dyeing more often... I have a lot of bare yarn just waiting for color!

I also have a few WIPs and an FO to show off:

Newborn Vertebrae in KP Felici (Gummy Bear). This is turning out super cute. The cuffs and buttonband will be in Stroll (Rouge). I think I can get a hat out of the yarn, too.

The Hue Shift Afghan has been started! My plan is to do a square a day, then one round of border a day. That will make this take 120 days to complete, plenty of time before the October wedding without it being stressful. It's really fun and the squares go by quickly.

I finally got the woven scarf off the loom! It still needs a bath. This is 2 skeins gone from deep stash (KP Imagination).

For my stashdown challenges, I'm doing pretty well. I knit 525g this month (this is minus the 500g I purchased), 373g of which is fine yarn. I want to have 6000g gone by the end of the year, with 3000g of that being fine.


  1. Everything is just lovely!!! Love the colors in that scarf. New reader, love your bunnies.

  2. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see how those yarns knit up! And I love that woven scarf too!