Sunday, January 22, 2017


 I've been cranking out the FOs lately. Since my momma and I do the craft show thing in fall, we really have to focus on knitting a lot during the rest of the year. I mostly do baby and kid knits, so have been working on them first:

Isn't this the cutest!? It's a Newborn Vertebrae with a matching hat. I used KP Stroll, the speckled being some that I dyed a few years ago. I had been hoarding it, but I'm trying to knit my too-precious-to-use yarn this year.

I went up a needle size to make it more 0-3 months. I added the stripes to add some visual interest and to break up the speckle yarn (I was afraid that it would look too muddy on its own). I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Booties! I make a ton of these. They do well at the shows, and are the best shower gift so many go into the gift pile. I love using KP Chroma Fingering for these.

I recently made these, hoping that they are more masculine for little boys. I just kind of winged the leg portion and like how they came out.

I'm really trying to plow through the smaller quicker projects, so I have a lot more booties in my near future!

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