Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This is a post about notebooks, but first let's welcome these 8 cuties into the world:

These little ones were born this morning to Samantha, my sweet New Zealand doe. Their daddy is Julius (also NZ), who is leaving next week to live with another breeder. I'm happy to have a final litter out of him! These guys are part of my meat rabbit program, but they are all loved as much as possible until then. Samantha made a beautiful nest for her litter! In other bunny news, I have had a successful breeding week, which is a nice change for once. CCR Perry x Southern Fluff's Sollya (Jersey Woolies) and also Barron's Ollie x Barron's Octavia (Rex).

Now, on to the notebooks, which is what this post is really about:

I love stationery. Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, pretty washi tape, anything to do with stationery and I love it. I wanted to start recording my knitting on paper as well as on Ravelry, so when I saw a fellow Raveler post about her knitting notebook, I actually did something about it. I looked at several different types and considered building my own, but finally settled on this one. I had a tiny amazon credit from a book settlement or something, so with that the final cost was just over 10.00, shipped. It was "used," which made it significantly cheaper.

It arrived today, just in time for me to cast on for my next project.

I really like how structure it is. There's no messing around or stressing about it being artsy/beautiful enough. It really does make me want one of those little polaroid-type cameras even more though.

I also started a bullet journal. I had heard the term thrown around here and there, but had no clue what it was. This Buzzfeed post really made it simple. I found a good notebook for it at Walgreens, and immediately got started.

I'm not being super creative with it. I know myself. I would get creative, then either mess up or get burnt out on it and never touch the notebook again. I have a few different "modules" for different things, like reading and knitting. I also have a monthly habit tracker like in the Buzzfeed post, but am not showing it since my habits aren't that great (I've walked at the track one day this month).

I really like this BuJo thing (see, I'm all up on the lingo and everything, ha!). It's easy and it really does keep me more accountable. In the daily sections, I write out things that I really ought to do. Seeing them there and wanting to X it off the list has made me cook more this week, keep up with the laundry, do yoga every day, and stop drinking soft drinks. The habit tracker is really great for this.

Does anyone else journal? A knitting notebook? A diary of secret crushes and sexual escapades?

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  1. Yessss a fellow stationary junkie! Congrats on your little ones, and don't feel too bad about your habit tracker - mine's always like that too.