Friday, January 6, 2017

The Knitting Corner

Do you have a knitting spot? Somewhere designated just for that purpose, or just a favorite spot that you tend to settle down into while crafting? I'm lucky to have my little knitting corner in the living room, and I love it.

This is my chair. Charlie never sits in it, and even the kids know it's "Momma's knitting chair." I didn't make that rule, it just kind of evolved since it's where I always end up and it has my lamp and knitting library right there.

We are calling for a winter storm starting tonight (the rain has already come in), so I am looking forward to cozying down into my knitting corner all weekend. I spent most of today getting some general housework done and also getting the animals prepped for the storm. The rabbitry is clean and locked up, the outdoor rabbits and the chicken roosts have been checked and covered well and Autrie (our outdoor Lab puppy) has her dogloo stuff full of hay. There's been a lot of hype about this storm, so we will see what we get. My prediction is that we get an ice storm with no snow.

1 comment:

  1. Super jealous of your cute corner! That's one thing I really need... a little corner of my own for hobbies. It's a hugggeee downside of cramped apartment living. Hope the storm wasn't too bad (but if it was, I'm jealous of that too - I love snow and it's been uncharacteristically warm in PA this winter so far)!