Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What A Show!

The Georgia State Convention rabbit and cavy show was this past Saturday in Perry, Ga. Arthur and I took a few rabbits and Pete the Cat...

Hannah's Hop Hops Pine Lake did it again! She took a double Best of Breed! I love this doe so much. She has earned 4 grand champion legs as a senior, but cannot be registered due to a partial pedigree. I plan on breeding her in a few weeks and really cannot wait to see those babies.

Arthur brought home his first major win! Pete the Cat took Best Opposite Sex of Breed in the second cavy show. We just couldn't believe it, and Arthur was over the moon. His 1st place ribbons and giant rosette are proudly hanging on his bookshelf. The judge, Frank Westley, was wonderful and was kind enough to get a picture taken with Arthur, Pete, and the ribbon.

It was a very successful weekend for us. We are looking forward to attending 3 shows next month.

I have decided to sell out my Himalayans, which have very very little competition down here. It's difficult to juggle multiple breeds, the cavies, and watching after Arthur by myself at shows, so something has to go. I decided to focus on my Jersey Woolies and Rex instead, and let Arthur keep his few Mini Lop rabbits. He is really into the cavies and is pursuing them bigtime, which is fine with me. We are going to the Specialty in April (it's the national cavy show) to pick up his real foundation animals, and also may be coming home with a start in Teddies for me. Anyway, my Himis are all sold to a friend's daughter. I know she will take good care of them and get good use out of them. I'm sad to see them go, but also feel relief to have one less thing to worry over at shows.


In knitting news... I haven't really done a whole lot in the last week. I'm battling some sort of cold, plus am having major allergy issues right now. I just don't feel well. I did manage to finish up a last NB Vertebrae yesterday night, something that had been on the needles for way too long:

The yarn is KP Felici in Lost Lakes and KP Stroll in Sapphire Heather. I normally don't have much to complain about when it comes to KP yarns, but I was slightly disappointed in the stripe quality of this. The stripes appear more tonal than solid, and there is a lot of color transfer in the lighter stripes. I'm ok with the tonal look and even some mottling... if it's consistent. This isn't. It's not bad enough for it to look ruined, but it's also not clean like Felici usually is. Oh well. It's another ball out of stash and another project for the craft show box. A hat with the leftovers is in the works.

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